Praying for MetaCamp

Today we’re praying for a ministry that I haven’t heard of, but the more I read on their website, the more I liked them and what they’re about. MetaCamp is a participative, experiential training opportunity for discipleship, missions, and church-planting through discipleship and missions. Rev. Curtis Sergeant, the team leader, facilitates training experiences on their property in Dadeville, AL and on the road, taking it to organizations and churches.

On their homepage, they use a brief phrase which encapsulates the three core values of what they do, how they do it, and why. ObeyGC2 means to obey the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). Those three values are:

  1. Prioritize the areas of greatest need – whether that means unengaged, unreached people groups (there are 3,500 UUPGs out of the roughly 12,000 people groups in the world), or areas of greatest poverty, illness, injustice, or ignorance, etc.
  2. The work is congregation-centric. The way they describe this on their website is SO good. It’s something I’ve tried to express numerous times but couldn’t find the right words. Let me just share what they have on their website: “This is to say that the church in its local expression should be the central actor. This can obviously be a subset of a local church, but they act on behalf of the body. We are God’s representatives and it is in that role which we do anything of eternal value. The responsibility for meeting needs and doing God’s will in the world belongs to the church. Unfortunately, much that could be done and should be done but isn’t done is an indictment against the church. In many times and many places we have abdicated the responsibility which God has given us to be a blessing to every family on earth. We need to involve every follower of Jesus in living out this heritage. We are to be salt, light and leaven in this world. We should provide an example and be a good partner in working for good with both public and private enterprise, with faith-based organizations and any other men and women of goodwill which we can find. We are responsible to lead out and to do what we can as God’s representatives in our local communities and beyond.” (Can I get an AMEN??? That’ll preach right there!!!)
  3. The work is to glorify God. The basics for that is to have lives controlled by the Holy Spirit, unity among believers is essential, and all credit goes to Jesus for any good thing which is done.

Col 1:24-29

24 Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church. 25 I have become its servant by the commission God gave me to present to you the word of God in its fullness- 26 the mystery that has been kept hidden for ages and generations, but is now disclosed to the saints. 27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. 28 We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. 29 To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.

God, You are worthy of our everything. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom of unending light and love. You reign in unattainable glory and splendor. We owe You everything we have and all that we are simply because of who You are.

Forgive us, Lord, for not giving our lives to follow the Great Command and the Great Commission. I pray that You would revive our hearts to live for the purpose to which You have called us – to know You and make You known, even to the uttermost parts of the earth. We have set our eyes on temporal things which drain us of life. Cause our eyes to be set on You, and to labor towards making the Gospel known, which is an eternal purpose and gives us life even as it brings others life. Lord, wake up Your Church, Your Bride, to reveal Your mystery to all the world. Use us to make known to the lost the glorious riches of Christ in us, the hope of glory. Give us courage and strength and humility to suffer for the sake of the Gospel.

We pray for MetaCamp, for Curtis Sergeant, his family, and all those who work with him. Continue to equip them with Your vision, Your wisdom, Your provision, and Your strength.  Protect them from any who would try to come against this ministry and disrupt the work they are doing. Let them continue to proclaim You, and to admonish and teach everyone with all wisdom. (from v. 28) We pray that every person who has gone through this training program and everyone who will go through it will become a disciple-maker for the kingdom. Through their work, let the Body of Christ be built up here and around the world “until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God.” (Eph. 4:13a)

Holy Spirit, raise up the Church to go to the least and the lost for the glory of Jesus Christ. Use ministries like MetaCamp to teach us how. Amen.

Center Point – a “new” city

  • Mayor – Tom Henderson
  • 12 miles North of Birmingham
  • Population: 17,000
  • Ranked No. 9 out of 50 as one of the Best Overall Business-Friendly Cities in Alabama
  • It’s motto – “A New City Emerging From a Historic Community
  • In 1700’s, Native Americans occupied the area
  • In 1816, the Reed family arrived from North Carolina
  • Sometime in the 1900’s, it was given the name Center Point
  • It didn’t become an incorporated city until March 2002
  • The first Methodist church and the first Baptist church in Center Point were both started by women.

Lord Jesus, the diversity of the metro-B’ham area is beginning to amaze and fascinate me – not just the diversity of the people, but the diversity of each place. In our last post we prayed for an old town that seems to be dying out. Today we are praying for a city that is barely a decade old that is growing and prospering. You have such a unique purpose and plan for each person, and for each city, and in Your wisdom, Your plan also includes us growing together in unity and working together to make Alabama what You have ordained it to be.

We pray, Lord, that You would build up Center Point, because otherwise, the labors of those who have worked so hard to make it what it is today would be in vain. ((Psalm 127:1) We pray that the eyes of Mayor Henderson and all the city leaders, business leaders, church leaders, family leaders, and citizens would look to You, because You are the One who opens Your hand and satisfies the desire of every living thing. (Psalm 145:16) We pray that the Spirit of the Lord would rest on the citizens and the leaders of Center Point – the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD. (Isaiah 11:2)

We pray for the Church in Center Point, and ask that You would bless them and cause them “to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which they have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love, being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” (Eph. 4:1-3) That little fact about 2 of their churches being started by women, is prompting me to lift up the women in the Body of Christ in Center Point. Lord, we ask that You would line them up under their God-given, righteous authority, and empower them to keep their eyes fixed on You no matter what. Once they are lined up and fixed on You, cause them to be voices of truth and righteousness in their homes, their jobs, their community, and their churches. Break off of them the false traditions of our culture, and instead instill in them the value of what You have called them to do and to be. We pray that the women in the Church in Center Point would look like the women of Titus 2, I Peter 3, and Ephesians 5:22-24. Raise them up to be the Deborahs and the Esthers, and the Marys and even the Marthas You’ve called them to be.

Thank You, for Center Point. We commit them to You, and ask that Your will would be done in them, for them, and through them as it already is in Heaven. We pray this in the name of Jesus, the Head of the Church and our Heavenly Bridegroom, Amen.

What is the Lord prompting you to pray for this new city?