The Father’s Kingdom in Jasper, Alabama

Well, it’s October and feeling like Fall here in the Deep South! I’ve read so many Facebook posts from friends talking about how happy they are that it’s October because it means Fall is really here. Meanwhile, I’m excited about Fall because it means I’m going to the beach before the month is over! I might be a bit behind-the-times on this seasonal thing….

Oh well, let’s pray for the city of Jasper today.


County Seat of Walker County

Mayor:  V. L. Posey

Incorporated on Dec 26, 1887 (some resources say 1886)

Named in memory of Sgt. William Jasper, a Revolutionary war hero

2010 Population 13,857

  • Settled around 1815

  • First settler E.D. Musgrove donated land to the county to establish the city with the stipulation that it be designated as the county seat.

  • Located in the middle of the Warrior Coal Fields, the second largest in the nation

  • First significant growth of the area in 1886 when two railroad lines were completed through Jasper.

  • The Bankhead House, built for John H. Bankhead in 1910, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places

  • Annual events

    • Annual Foothills Festival in the fall of each year.

    • Walker County Art in the park held in the Spring

    • Antique car show in October

  • Notable residents

    • Bankhead family, including John H. Bankhead II, United States Senator; William Bankhead, Speaker of the house of the U.S. Congress; Tallulah Bankhead, actress

    • Carl Elliot, former U.S. Congressman

    • George Linsdsey, actor

    • Tom Bevill, ¬†Alabama Congressman

Even though we’ve done this before, I feel led to use some of the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6 as our scriptural prayer prompter.

Heavenly Father, You rule and reign on high. We worship You and adore You. We pray that Your name would be honored as holy in the city of Jasper. Magnify Your holy name among the residents, the workforce, the children, and the leaders of Jasper. May they see the blessing that comes when Your name is magnified among them.

Father, let them see what Your Kingdom looks like here on earth. We pray that the hearts of the fathers would be turned to the children, and the hearts of the children be turned toward the fathers. We pray that grief and loss would be swallowed up as You bring redemption and restoration into Jasper. We pray that every child in Jasper would have a safe place to live where they are loved and nurtured. We pray that every broken heart would be healed in Jesus’ name.

We also pray for Your supernatural provision for this city. Please give Mayor Posey and the city leaders wisdom to steward the resources of their city well. We pray that churches would have enough resources to be the Church You’ve called us to be in their communities. Let the Church in Jasper be the solution to the social ills that every city must battle. Let them be ministers of Your grace and truth, rightly dividing the Word of God. Give everyone in this city their physical and spiritual daily bread, and let the people recognize it is only by Your hand.

We pray that spiritual revival would sweep through this city, bringing the power of Your forgiveness of our sins into every life. Transform lives with the power of the Gospel. Let those who are saved by grace be compelled by love to seek after You with all their hearts, and to live for You in all that they do. May Jasper be known as a city of people who love and serve like You do. We pray all of this for Your holy name’s sake. Amen.

What are you trusting God for Jasper, or for your city, today?