Praying for Carbon Hill

  • Mayor – James Richardson
  • In the extreme western part of Walker County – 48.1 miles NW of Birmingham
  • Begun as a small mining town in 1886
  • Incorporated on Feb. 14, 1891 – founding leaders wanted to name it The Village of Love and Luck
  • Especially hard-hit during the Depression
  • Suffered extensive damage from tornadoes in 1917, 1957, 1998, 2002
  • About 30 churches inside city limits in 2011

The name of this city automatically makes me think of Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”  It comes in the middle of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”, and right after the Beatitudes.

Dear Father,
You are our Light, and in You there is no darkness at all. Thank you for being our Light, and for calling us to carry Your light into the world. Empower us and enable us to that end.

We pray for the city of Carbon Hill today, asking for Your blessing and provision for it. Grant Mayor Richardson and the city leaders Your light to guide them. May Your Word be a lamp unto their feet and a light to their paths, especially as they make decisions for Carbon Hill. We pray that You would protect them from the spirit of confusion in their decision-making, and give them unity to follow Your will for their city.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that You would reveal those things hidden in darkness. Shine Your light, Lord Jesus, on every stronghold, every idol, every vain imagination that has tried to remain “under the radar” and hinder this city. Raise up the intercessors in Carbon Hill to pray Your prayers that You will use to tear down those things that want to remain hidden in darkness. We pray that generational sins would be renounced and their power broken off of the citizens and the land of this city. When old things are finally brought into the light, it looks messy and hard, but it always leads to freedom, peace, joy, and even beauty. We thank You for that, and trust that You will accomplish that – let Your light bring the peace, joy, and beauty that can only come from being in the Light.

May the churches in Carbon Hill be united to carry Your light well, and cause them to “walk as children of light”(Eph. 5:8) who “walk in love”  (5:2) as “imitators of God” (5:1). Show them what is pleasing to You, and use Your Church in Carbon Hill to expose those things hidden in darkness. May they walk as wise men and women, making the most of their time, and being filled by the Spirit. (also from Ephesians 5).

We pray all this in Your glorious name, Amen.

This was not what I intended to pray for this friendly city. (My father-in-law worked there at Guin Drug for many, many years.) We want to hear how the Lord leads you to pray for Carbon Hill.