Childersburg, AL – Oldest City in America

DeSoto Caverns has hosted some really, really cool prayer events where Christian Native Americans came and led part of the prayer and worship time. We were in the belly of the cave, repenting for the injustices committed against the Native American people in our state and pleading the blood of Jesus over the land that had been cursed as a result of those injustices. The Birmingham Prayer Furnace was the ministry that organized those prayer events.

My prayer today is based on I Kings 8:23.

Heavenly Father,
We bless Your name, O Lord God of Israel. There is no god like You in the heavens. There is no god like You in the earth. You keep covenant and show mercy unto Your servants who walk before You with all of their heart. Your mercy and faithfulness are all the more amazing to us when we look at our lack of mercy for our fellow man and our faithlessness. You alone are God, and we thank You and praise You for who You are.

We pray for the city of Childersburg today, O God, and ask that Your covenant grace and mercy would reign over that city. Set the land free from the curse of past injustice against the Native American nation who originally settled there. Break off bondages of poverty, racism and hopelessness from among the citizens, in Jesus’ name. Make it a place of honor for the very rich heritage Childersburg has, and for the way You established this city so long ago.

We lift up Mayor B.J. Meeks to You, O God of Israel. We pray that like Solomon, who prayed the prayer in I Kings 8, he would seek You for wisdom and for Your covenant protection over him, his family, and his city. We pray that his heart would not become divided by the blessings You pour out on him and his city, but that like King David, he would be a man after Your own heart.

Lord, bless this city, and let its wealth of history be the tool You intend it to be for us. May it humble us and bring us to repentance for the sins committed against our fellow-men. May it cause us to be in awe of You and give you praise and adoration for how far You have brought us. May it teach us and instruct us in wisdom and in the fear of the Lord, so that we do not repeat the sins of our forefathers. Let Your name be made known through the city of Childersburg, O Lord God of Israel. Amen.

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