Pray Where You Are

For the past two weeks, I’ve had to take my dad to the doctor. The trip requires going from Pelham to Oneonta (where he lives) to the doctor in Pell City, and then back again. It’s a 4 hour trip for me, most of which is off the interstate and on roads like Hwy 75 and Hwy 231, which wind through and around little pieces of some of the towns and cities we’ve prayed for through the blog.

I noticed signs for AltoonaOdenville, and Horse Pens 40, which is in Steele. We drove through part of Ashville. I know I shouldn’t be surprised to recognize these places as ones we’ve prayed for, since we’re praying for the whole metro-Birmingham area, but for some reason it made me happy. I felt connected to each of them. Before I started blogging here and praying for these towns and cities, I wouldn’t have thought twice about those signs or the town/cities represented by them. But now, I smiled at each one, thinking of some of the historical facts that have made them what they are today, and asking the Lord to hear and answer the prayers we’ve prayed for them. I’ve often said that you cannot pray for someone consistently without your heart getting connected to that person. I guess the same is true for a city or town.

Then, on the way home, I missed the turn from Hwy 75/Center Point Road and onto Sweeney Hollow Road. I didn’t notice it until I found myself in Center Point. At first, I was frustrated that I had missed the turn. It had been a long day with lots of driving, and I had just made it longer. But then I heard the Lord whisper to me the verse from Joshua 1:3 that says, “Every place on which your foot treads, I have given it to you.” I suddenly realized that Center Point was yet another city we’ve prayed for on the blog, and that perhaps the Lord was giving me the opportunity to pray AND “set my foot” (or the wheels of my vehicle) on this city and all the others we had seen and passed through in our trek to the doctor and back! For a prayer and map nerd like me, this was the COOLEST thought!!! I immediately started praying out loud for Center Point, and then touched on some of the others I had seen that day, and just like that, my frustration over a missed turn and a long day turned into joy as I got to seek God for the city – all of the cities.

So as you go about your day each day, ask the Lord to help you to be mindful to pray for the places He takes you. Your prayers DO make a difference! Claim those places for the kingdom!

Altoona – High Land of Great Worth

Today we are praying for Altoona.
. Gadsden area, Etowah County
. 44 miles NE of Birmingham
. Established in 1908
. Currently has more female residents than male.
. The name is Native American and means “high land of great worth.
. Mayor is Richard Nash

For some reason, the passage that comes to mind for Altoona is Psalm 145. If you have time and feel led, I highly recommend reading through all 21 verses. But for now, let’s focus on verses 14-16.

“The LORD sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food in due time. You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

Oh God, You are our God and King. We will bless Your name forever and ever. You are worthy to be praised because Your greatness is unfathomable. The splendor of Your majesty is beyond compare. You show Yourself faithful and true to every generation, and we can rehearse Your faithful and wonderful deeds to one another, to exalt You and to build our trust in Your goodness.

Father, we pray for the city of Altoona. We pray that You would lift up, redeem, and restore those things, places, and people that have fallen or been bowed down through circumstances or generational bondage. We plead the blood of Jesus over the people of Altoona, and we declare that His blood breaks every yoke of bondage. We put the name of the Righteous Judge on Altoona, to undo deeds of darkness and to set things right.

Would You cause Mayor Nash and the city council to look to You for their every need? We pray that this city would experience Your supernatural provision in ways that they cannot deny. We pray that Altoona, from the mayor to the youngest baby, would experience Your open hand of provision, and not just for their needs, but also for the desires that You have placed within each person in that city. We pray that they would not run to and fro, seeking some way to satisfy their desires, but that they would encounter You, as a city and as individuals, to satisfy their souls. We confess that only You can satisfy us by loving us, forgiving us, and giving us life abundantly.

We call Altoona the high land of great worth, not because of its location or historical value, but because You love it; because You say about the people that they are precious to You and You rejoice over them with singing; because You have a covenant with the land that redeems it from every deceitful treaty that has ever been signed against it. We pray that You would use Altoona for Your purpose and plans, and that this city would bring You glory  – that every “mouth would speak the praise of the LORD, and all flesh would bless Your holy name forever and ever.”(Ps. 145:21) – AMEN.

Please join your prayers with ours in the comments below, or share a Scripture or whatever the Lord lays on your heart. We would especially love to hear from someone who lives or comes from Altoona. God bless!