Re-building the Walls – Maplesville, AL


Located in Southwest Chilton County

Mayor W. C. Hayes, Jr.

Settled by European immigrants after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Incorporated in 1914. The incorporation lapsed because the town failed to hold elections.

Reincorporated in 1947

Named after Stephen W. Maples, the town’s first postmaster

2010 population 708

  • Originally located at the crossroads of the Elyton Road from Selma to Birmingham and the Fort Jackson Road from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery. Stagecoaches stopped at the Inns and taverns.

  • The Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad completed a line 3 miles west of the town in 1950 and the Alabama & Tennessee River Railway completed a line in 1853. A depot was constructed and residents and business began moving closer to the railroad. In 1856, when the Maplesville post office was relocated to the railroad town, the new town was renamed Maplesville.  The site of the original town became deserted.

  • The new town became a shipping point for cotton and other goods.

As I was praying about what verse or passage to pray out of for Maplesville, I was led to the book of Nehemiah. There wasn’t a particular verse there, but felt like the Lord was directing me/us to pray out of the themes of the book.  I have never done this before.

LORD God of heaven, You are the great and awesome God, who preserves the covenant and lovingkindness for those who love You and keep Your commandments. We ask that You would be attentive to our prayers on behalf of the town of Maplesville, Alabama. (based on Neh. 1:5,6)

We pray that You would increase the God-given love and concern for Maplesville to its citizens past and present, and especially to the intercessors for that town. Cause them to seek You for the good of their town. Give them Your prayers to pray. Protect them from praying out of manmade agendas and ideas. Protect them from those who would mock them for the desire and the calling You have given them for Maplesville. Give them strength to withstand discouragement and every tactic of the enemy to distract them from seeking You for their city.

Lord, we pray that You would increase wisdom for Mayor Hayes and the city leadership. We pray that Your favor would be on them, and in turn that Mayor Hayes would have favor on the intercessors and city-builders and would give them the resources they need to pursue what You have called them to do. We pray that the city leaders would be blessed with respect and honor because of their position, and that the weight of their responsibilities would be lighter because of the cooperation of those they lead.

Father, raise up the walls of righteousness around Maplesville, and protect this town from every effort of the enemy to interrupt and to tear down what You are doing through Your people there. Cause Your people to pray without hesitation in the face of the enemy, and to stand and see Your salvation on their behalf. We ask that You would overcome discouragement, and reinstate justice where it has been lost.

We pray that the house of God would not be forsaken in this town. (Neh. 13:11) Please loose Your kingdom provisions upon every true house of God and every ministry that You have ordained in Maplesville. Remove those who seek their own gain or who are dishonestly withholding Your provision from Your people. We pray that You would remember Your covenant with Your people and have compassion on them because of Your lovingkindness.

May Maplesville be a town established in peace and in the covenant lovingkindness and provision of the Lord. Amen.

Is there a passage the Lord brings to your mind for the town of Maplesville? If so, please share it in the comments.