Blessing and Favor for Jemison


Located in Chilton County

Mayor Eddie Reed

Incorporated in 1907 (After the old City Charter became dormant, Jemison was reincorporated in December of 1919.)

Named for Col. Robert Jemison, a Civil War era politician and prominent businessman in Tuscaloosa

2010 population 2,585

  • At the geological end of the Appalachian Mountain Range and near the very center of the state.

  • Grew along a stagecoach route between Birmingham and Montgomery.  Travelers rested overnight by a spring located in Jemison. The spring was later named “Jemison Springs.”

  • First house built in 1869

  • First called Langstonville or Langston station. When the name was changed to Jemison, the U.S. Post Office misspelled it Jamison.  This name remained until 1888 when the spelling was corrected.

  • The railroad through Jemison began operation in 1870 and the first depot was built in 1872. This allowed Jemison to grow into a market center where local farmers sold their produce and cotton.

Today, I just launched straight into prayer for this city, without a Scripture passage to pray out of. As I looked back over it, I noticed themes from Revelation 4, Psalm 127 (I think that’s the correct reference), Psalm 119, Psalm 91 and Psalm 85, and maybe a couple of others. It’s like a melting pot of Scripture!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are good and Your love and mercy endure forever. You have created all things, and for Your pleasure and purpose, they were created. To You alone be all honor and blessing, glory and power.

Father, You have established the town of Jemison for Your pleasure and purpose. You love this town and want Your best for it. We pray that righteousness and peace would be established in Jemison. May the people there see Your mercy and grace all around them. May the glory of the Lord shine on them.

We pray that You would uphold Mayor Reed and the city leaders with Your righteous right hand. Go before them to guide them, and stand behind them as their rear guard. We pray that the Word would be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path in all that they do. Give them grace to accomplish all that You have given them to do, and may You receive all the glory for it.

We pray that You would bless the Church in Jemison with unity and provision. Cause her to manifest all the fruit of the Spirit in order to reach the lost, to take care of the widows and orphans, the least and the lost, and to worship You in spirit and truth in all that they do. May Your Church be Your wings of safety and refuge for the broken and hurting, and let it be the light that shines in the darkness.

We pray for blessing and favor for the town of Jemison, Father. We declare this town is beloved by its Creator. Cause Your face to shine on Jemison. Amen.

It’s the weekend, and a beautiful Fall weekend at that. Still, take a few moments to lift up a prayer for Jemison. You’ll be glad you did!