Speak a Blessing Over Snead, Alabama

Located in northeastern Blount County

Mayor Curtis Painter

Founded in 1853

Incorporated in 1966

Named for John Snead, the first postmaster

2010 population: 835

  • Settled as early as 1839
  • First industry was a water-powered flour and grist mill, build next to the Warrior River by Dr. G. W. White in 1874. Dr. White also built a store in the community.
  • First post office opened in 1882

Proverbs 11:11 – “By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is torn down.”

Lord God, You are righteous. Your words are true and righteous altogether. By the shed blood of Your Son, You have also covered us in robes of righteousness, while removing from us the filthy rags of our iniquity and sin.

Therefore, as Your righteous people, we speak a blessing over the town of Snead, Alabama today and its surrounding communities. We pray that You would exalt this town and those in it who are covered in robes of righteousness. We pray that uprightness and truth would be welcomed in every arena of commerce, politics, religion, arts, health care, and into every home in Snead.

In the name of Jesus, we cancel every curse that has been spoken over Snead and its surrounding communities, and we plead the blood of Jesus over every curse that has been brought on this town through the deeds of wickedness. Deliver this town from everything that has been put on it by the Evil One. Raise up the standard of the power of the blood of Christ over these people, and by Your grace and mercy, establish them in righteousness and justice.

We pray for Mayor Painter and speak a blessing over him and his leadership team in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Give him a heart that beats after You, and establish him and the office of mayor in righteousness, uprightness and truth. We plead the blood of Jesus over him and the office of mayor, and ask that You would break off every word curse that has been spoken over him.

Lord God, cause all of us to be more aware of the power of our words, and to be diligent to speak life and not death; blessing and not cursing; truth and not lies. Amen.