Seeking God and His Righteousness – Locust Fork, Alabama

Web site

Mayor Joseph Hughes

Located in Blount county 28 miles NE of Birmingham

Founded 1817 by the Hamby family

Incorporated January 18, 1977

2010 population 1186

According to the Locust Fork web site, General Andrew Jackson and his troops camped at the fork of the river in 1813. General Jackson carved his name in a Locust tree naming this area Locust Fork.

First settlers came to the area around 1819

I have tried for over a week now to hear what verse to pray out of for the town of Locust Fork, but have not been led anywhere in particular. So let’s just start praying and see where God leads.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we pray for Your mercy and grace to be poured out on Locust Fork. God we pray that Your righteousness would be added to the people of this town, and that You would add to them  every provision they need as they seek first Your kingdom and His righteousness. (Matt. 6:33) May peace reign over the streets and the homes of Locust Fork. May the widow and the orphan have a place to belong there. May justice prevail and those who don’t have a voice be defended at all costs.

We pray for Mayor Hughes to be filled with wisdom and the seven-fold spirits of God as mentioned in Isaiah 11: 2: the Spirit of the LORD, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge of the fear of the LORD.  We pray that Mayor Hughes and all the town’s leadership would delight in the fear of the LORD and pursue righteousness in everything they do. As they do, we pray that You would provide everything they need in their personal lives and in their roles in the city.

We ask that You would bring increase in Locust Fork. Increase Your favor on them; increase righteousness; increase grace and mercy; increase the population; increase civic pride and responsibility; increase revenue so that they can address the needs of the community.

Jesus Christ, we ask that You would lead Your Body in Locust Fork to be the Kingdom agents You have called us to be. Be lifted up through Your Church so that all men would be drawn to You. Let Your Gospel go forth from Locust Fork into all the world. Purify and refine Your Bride; strengthen her and comfort her. Cause her to fix her eyes on You so that the distractions and hindrances of this world would grow strangely dim. Cover her with Your songs of deliverance and clothe her in robes of righteousness. Arm her with divine weapons so that she can shatter the strongholds of the enemy in Locust Fork. May the Church bring You the glory that You alone deserve.

Bless this town, God, and let Your kingdom be made manifest in Locust Fork as it already is in Heaven.  Amen.

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