Praying for Cleveland, AL – Join us!

Again, much thanks to Ginny Hart for doing the research on this city. Below is the information she found in her own words.

Mayor’s name – Jerry Jones

Founded in 1854 and called Dry Creek Cross Roads

Incorporated in 1912 but no council was formed and it remained inactive until April 3, 1964 when the incorporation was reactivated.  The first mayor, Eldridge Bynum, served as mayor until 1975. He has written a book about Cleveland and when I couldn’t find much information about the city I called him and he gave me much of this information.  He is in his 90’s and still serves on the city council

Was named after President Grover Cleveland.

  • Population 2010 census  1.303

  • First business store opened in 1874

  • Post office built in 1890’s

  • The first bank in Blount County, the Framers Neutral Bank, was built in Cleveland.

  • In the early 1900’s, Cleveland  was the commerce city of Blount county.  It had the only bank in the county, a cotton gin, a dry goods store, a drug store, a doctor, and the post office.  The cotton gin ginned over 3,000 bales of cotton per year.

  • During the depression, a plant to manufacture heads for nail kegs was built.  It employed about 25 men. Mr. Blackwood, who built the camp, built a company store and houses for the employees.

Lord Jesus, we bless Your name, and we command all that is within us to bless Your holy name. You are faithful and true; You redeem our lives from the pit; You heal and restore, and make all things new. We bless Your name because it is above every other name, and it is the only name by which we are saved.

Jesus, we ask that You would put Your name on Cleveland, AL, because with Your name comes every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. We pray that Your name would bring salvation to everyone in Cleveland, justice to the weak and oppressed, families to the orphaned and widowed. Let this city become a place of refuge from violence and corruption, and a place where righteousness dwells.

We pray for Mayor Jones and Councilman Bynum, and the rest of the city council to be leaders of integrity and wisdom. May they honor the name of Jesus Christ in everything they do and say. We pray that You would bless them in their homes, their families, their jobs, their ministries, and in everything that concerns them, for Your name’s sake.

We pray that this city would not only be known as a city named for a former President, but it would also be known because of how it honors and glorifies the name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

We would love to join with you in prayer for Cleveland. Please comment below with your prayer, Scripture, or even a question or comment.