Centreville, Alabama

  • Mayor – Mike Hobson
  • Website – http://www.centrevillealabama.intuitwebsites.com
  • County seat of Bibb County
  • Founded by a woman, Sarah F. Chotard, because of its strategic location for transportation beside the Cahaba River
  • Established in 1821
  • Incorporated in 1832
  • Population around 2,800

God’s coincidences tickle me and fascinate me. Our post on Tuesday mentioned how 2 of the churches in Center Point were founded by women. Today, we find a city that was founded by a woman! I’ve been doing this alphabetically, and so for us to be praying for two cities back to back where women played such prominent roles in them, is just one of God’s interesting coincidences. 

This city was also touched by racial injustice and violence. In 1910, an African-American man was killed by a mob without a trial, after a woman accused him of fathering a child by rape. No one was ever charged for the murder, and the woman’s claims were never proven. Sadly, these sorts of things happened all over the South. Finding specific accounts always grieve me, but I’m proud of cities that are willing to own up to the dark things in their past, because only then can a city be set free from those things. 

Heavenly Father, You are the God of Justice. Nothing is hidden from Your sight. We plead the blood of Jesus over our land that has been touched with all kinds of violence, and ask You to set our cities free from the curse that murder brings on the land, when the blood of the slain innocent cry out to you, just as Abel’s did when his brother killed him. 

We pray that You would pour out a blessing on Centreville, Alabama. Cause the marvelous light of Your glory to shine over the people of that city, and bring Your redemption and salvation to set them free from darkness and shame. We pray that not only for Centreville, but for the whole metr0-Birmingham area. 

Shine on Mayor Hobson, and cause his countenance to reflect the joy of Your salvation. Let Your light shine through him so that all who meet him would glorify the Father. Let Mayor Hobson and the other city leaders of Centreville delight in You, so that You will give them the desire of their heart. Grant them grace and mercy as they lead their city. 

We thank You, Lord, that You redeem us and our cities. Thank You for Centreville. Bring forth Your plans and purposes for this city, and let Your will be done there, as it already is in Heaven. Amen. 

Please share what the Lord lays on your heart for Centreville, Alabama.