Day of Prayer for Alabama Students

Governor Bentley has made today, March 27, a day of prayer for students across Alabama. First Priority of Alabama sought this proclamation from the governor to help turn the attention and prayers of all believers to the children and students across our state. Matthew Wilson, the executive director of First Priority, says, “Praying for the students in our area is not just a privilege…it’s a necessity. They face an enormous amount of peer pressure to become part of what is considered normal by the world’s standards. Without prayer, these students will not be able to stand against the insurmountable odds they will face from childhood until they leave this world. We invite you to join us on this important day.” First Priority has resources and ideas to help us take advantage of praying for the students in Alabama, here. I really like their “24 Virtues”, which you can download for free.

Let’s join together today with them and with believers all over our state to pray for the students of Alabama. I’ll be praying based on the Lord’s Prayer as found in Matthew 6:9-13. Heavenly Father, Your name is honored far above all things. There is nothing and no one that compares to You. I love how Psalm 145:5 says it, “On the glorious splendor of Your majesty, I will meditate.” Lord, our culture is full of things that try to lure us with false splendor and false majesty. We pray that You would reveal Your glorious splendor and majesty to our students in such a way that it makes all the substitutes pale to nothing in comparison.

Lord God, we invite Your kingdom to come into every school in Alabama. We praise You because Your Spirit cannot be legislated away. By Your very nature, You are omni-present! But we boldly ask for more than just Your omni-presence in our schools. Father, we ask for the manifest presence of Your Holy Spirit to be in every school across Alabama! With Your Spirit, we ask that Your will would be fully accomplished in these schools and in the lives of the students, teachers and administrators. Let righteousness reign, Lord! Cause darkness to be exposed and dealt with according to Your righteousness. May the students in Alabama know You as Abba Father through the power of the Gospel.

We pray, Father, that You would supernaturally meet the felt needs of our students. Statistics are sobering about how many children come to school hungry, destitute, abused, etc. There are so many needs that it would seem impossible to address them all. But with You, all things are possible. You have equipped Your Body with the tools, the skills and the resources to minister to these children and their very pressing needs. We pray that You would increase our capacity to care, and to maximize effective strategies so that Christian churches and organizations can partner together as the Body and with the schools to meet the needs of these students. We also pray that all designated funds and programs would be properly utilized for the welfare of the children.

Lord, we pray that You would forgive us for not being more mindful to pray for and to care for those outside our immediate circles. Forgive us for letting political bitterness divide us over school policies and what is best for the children. Forgive those who would use students only as a pawn for getting ahead. We pray that You would also forgive the students for their rebellion, or laziness or selfishness or pride…. I think it can honestly be said for a lot of them that “they know not what they do”. We pray that Your kindness would lead them to repentance, and may they receive the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Lord, there are so many temptations and evils surrounding our students. Keep them from falling, and make them able to stand in Your glory blameless and with great joy (Jude 24). We pray that every argument and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God would be destroyed, so that it cannot deceive these students. (2 Cor. 10:5) Lord, we pray that You would remove the predators in our schools. Remove the drug dealers. Deliver the students in Alabama, Lord, from the one who came to steal, kill and destroy their lives. Let them experience the abundant life that Your Son came to give them. (John 10:10).

If anyone can save our students, our children, our youth, our college students, it is only You. You are mighty to save. For it is You who have all power, all glory, and all of the kingdom now and forever. Amen. Take a moment of your time, on this day of prayer for students across Alabama to leave a comment, either to simply agree in prayer with us, or to add to the prayer conversation.