Located in Chilton County

Established in 1895; Incorporated in 1901

  • Settled by 3 Swedes: Theodore T. Thorson, John F. Peterson and John E. Hedberg, and one Norwegian: K.G. Faegre
  • They originally settled in the North, but came south looking for a mild climate and fertile soil for fruits and vegetables
  • Town was named for Theodore T. Thorson (the suffix “by” means “town” in Swedish).  There is also a possible family connection to Torsby, Sweden.

Mayor Jean Nelson

2010 population: 1,980

  • Center of town is approximately 45 miles from both Birmingham and Montgomery
  • Known for its peaches and other fruit
  • Proud of its Scandinavian heritage
  • Since 1988, the town has hosted the Annual Swedish Festival every Fall. It includes arts and crafts, a pageant, music, a fun run, car and motorcycle shows, and lots of food.

Isaiah 33:5,6 – “The LORD is exalted, for He dwells on high; He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. And He will be the stability of your times, a wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; the fear of the LORD is his treasure.”

Lord God, we exalt You. You sit enthroned above the circle of the earth in the splendor of Your majesty. In what seems like a juxtaposition, You are also intimately acquainted with all of our ways. Just as You have established the heavens and the earth according to Your Sovereign plan, You have also established nations and cities. You establish each of us on the path You have ordained for us. You are our stability, especially when we acknowledge You as our Lord and Savior.

Thank You for establishing the town of Thorsby to be a part of Your Sovereign plan. We pray that Thorsby would be like Zion, may it and its citizens be filled with justice and righteousness. Like the fertile soil in this area, we pray that the hearts of the people of Thorsby would be fertile to the seed of God’s Word, so that they would be able to bear the fruit of the Spirit. Use this town to impact its children and descendants with the power and influence of the Gospel. Let them put even more joy and hope in their spiritual heritage in the Lord as they do in their physical heritage (which is quite cool).

We pray especially for Mayor Nelson and the town council to be established in righteousness and justice in their public and private lives. We pray that You would bless them with a wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. Cause them to revere Your holy name, and to honor Your name in the decisions they make on behalf of Thorsby.

Father, I’m also feeling inclined to pray for the children and the school system in this town. We pray that justice and righteousness would fill the halls and rooms of the schools in and around Thorsby, and even more so the hearts of the children, teachers and other school employees. As our culture becomes increasingly unstable, I pray that You would be the anchor these children can cling to when the world seems scary and uncertain, or even threatening. I pray that every single child in Thorsby would come to know You as their Savior, and who they are in You. Protect them. Let them see Your justice and righteousness on their behalf.


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