Praying for Springville, AL

Located in St. Clair County, 30 miles northeast of Birmingham

Mayor William Isley, Jr.

Incorporated in 1880

Named for its freshwater springs

2010 population 4,080

  • Native Americans and settlers traveling through the region often stopped by the freshwater springs
  • Settlement began in the mid 1810s
  • Originally called Big Springs, then named Pinkhill in 1833. Name changed to Springville in 1834.
  • First church established in 1817
  • Has been the site of filming for two movies: The Verne Miller Story (1987) and Rustin (2001)

Micah 6:8-9a – “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? The voice of the LORD will call to the city–and it is sound wisdom to fear Your name.”

Lord God, You are high and lifted up. Your glory and majesty fill up all of everything. You are righteous, holy and just. You invite us into relationship with You, and You give us the charge to carry Your glory, righteousness and justice with us into the earth. Cause us to be faithful to that charge.

We pray for the city of Springville today, Lord. Thank You for the rich history this city enjoys, and the regard they have for their history, as displayed with the many registered historical buildings they have there. Thank You for the sense of pride the citizens have for their community and how it has helped shape Springville into the lovely city that it is.

We also pray, though, that their civic pride would not blind anyone to Your hand that has allowed Springville to be all that it is and will be. We pray this city would be a city of humility, of considering others before themselves, and acknowledging the Lord alone as worthy of honor and glory and praise. (All of us need to do more of that, Lord.) Let Springville be known as a place of true kindness and mercy toward their fellowmen, standing apart from a world that is so unkind and merciless. And we pray that Your holy justice would permeate this city, and be a part of every part of society and community in Springville.

We pray for Mayor Isley to be a man of humble integrity who loves You with all his heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love others as himself. Empower him to walk in humility and to follow Your call to do justice, love kindness and to walk humbly with You.

Father, You have established this city for Your purposes. Let Springville hear You calling to it, and grant them wisdom to respect and revere Your name. Amen.

Springville is a well-known city. How is the Lord prompting you to pray? Let me encourage you to add a comment with your prayer or a verse of Scripture. When you do that, we are joining our voices together for these municipalities in prayer, which gives them the power of unity and agreement which pleases the Lord and affects His heart toward the object of our prayers.

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