God’s Purposes for Margaret, AL!

It’s Thanksgiving week! We at City on its Knees and Mission Birmingham are so thankful for you who have joined us in praying for the cities and towns we have covered so far, and we are even more thankful that we have a God who hears and answers the prayers of His people! We  pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Margaret, Alabama

Located in St. Clair County 22 miles NE of Birmmingham

Mayor Isaac Howard

Incorporated in 1960

Named for the Margaret Debardeleben, wife of Charles Debardeleben who planned and constructed the city.

2010 population 4,428

  • Established in 1909 as a company town

  • Intended for workers who managed and worked at the Alabama Fuel and Iron Companay headed by Henry F. Debardeleben, father of Charles DeBardeleben

  • Annual Events

    • Friendship Festival in October – includes arts and crafts, food, and a car show

We are in the middle of some of the smaller towns in our area, and our researcher has had to work hard to find any information on some of them. As always, if you have additional info, we would love to know about it!

Heavenly Father, we thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. You are the God of the universe. Job 42:2 says that You can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” You don’t need us or our prayers, and yet You allow us to join You in Your work through intercession. It changes us and let’s us see Your greatness and Your power up close and personal. Through intercession, we see that You “open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.” (Psalm 145:16)

And so we lift up the town of Margaret, AL to You today, Father. We pray that Your perfect plan for this town would be come forth for this time as it already is in Heaven. We pray that every home would know peace. We pray that every orphan and widow would be cared for. We pray that righteousness and peace would prevail in the streets, in the businesses, in the churches, in the courtrooms, and in the town hall. We pray that the joy of the Lord would make this town one of strength and dignity.

We pray that the law enforcement in Margaret would have the heart of Christ in all that they do. Protect them not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. May they see their job as a ministry and keep their eyes fixed on You, so that they don’t become cynical by the evil they encounter, but to have a heart that beats after Yours.

We pray that Wisdom would dwell in the streets of Margaret, and that the people who live and work there would pursue it with all they have. God, let Your wisdom and the light of truth demolish every stronghold and every vain imagination that has tried to exalt itself in this town.

We pray for Mayor Howard and those who help lead Margaret. We pray that You would bless them by allowing them to work in accordance with Your will and Your purposes, instead of futilely striving against them. Grant them wisdom and discernment to know Your purposes and the direction You want them to go. We pray that You would strengthen them and encourage them as they serve in the places of leadership in which You have placed them.

We thank You for the town of Margaret, and for what You are accomplishing and for what You will accomplish through this town. We are so glad that Your plans cannot be thwarted, for we trust that Your plan is for our good and for Your glory. Amen.

How is the Lord leading you to pray today?


Re-building the Walls – Maplesville, AL

Website http://www.townofmaplesville.com/

Located in Southwest Chilton County

Mayor W. C. Hayes, Jr.

Settled by European immigrants after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Incorporated in 1914. The incorporation lapsed because the town failed to hold elections.

Reincorporated in 1947

Named after Stephen W. Maples, the town’s first postmaster

2010 population 708

  • Originally located at the crossroads of the Elyton Road from Selma to Birmingham and the Fort Jackson Road from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery. Stagecoaches stopped at the Inns and taverns.

  • The Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad completed a line 3 miles west of the town in 1950 and the Alabama & Tennessee River Railway completed a line in 1853. A depot was constructed and residents and business began moving closer to the railroad. In 1856, when the Maplesville post office was relocated to the railroad town, the new town was renamed Maplesville.  The site of the original town became deserted.

  • The new town became a shipping point for cotton and other goods.

As I was praying about what verse or passage to pray out of for Maplesville, I was led to the book of Nehemiah. There wasn’t a particular verse there, but felt like the Lord was directing me/us to pray out of the themes of the book.  I have never done this before.

LORD God of heaven, You are the great and awesome God, who preserves the covenant and lovingkindness for those who love You and keep Your commandments. We ask that You would be attentive to our prayers on behalf of the town of Maplesville, Alabama. (based on Neh. 1:5,6)

We pray that You would increase the God-given love and concern for Maplesville to its citizens past and present, and especially to the intercessors for that town. Cause them to seek You for the good of their town. Give them Your prayers to pray. Protect them from praying out of manmade agendas and ideas. Protect them from those who would mock them for the desire and the calling You have given them for Maplesville. Give them strength to withstand discouragement and every tactic of the enemy to distract them from seeking You for their city.

Lord, we pray that You would increase wisdom for Mayor Hayes and the city leadership. We pray that Your favor would be on them, and in turn that Mayor Hayes would have favor on the intercessors and city-builders and would give them the resources they need to pursue what You have called them to do. We pray that the city leaders would be blessed with respect and honor because of their position, and that the weight of their responsibilities would be lighter because of the cooperation of those they lead.

Father, raise up the walls of righteousness around Maplesville, and protect this town from every effort of the enemy to interrupt and to tear down what You are doing through Your people there. Cause Your people to pray without hesitation in the face of the enemy, and to stand and see Your salvation on their behalf. We ask that You would overcome discouragement, and reinstate justice where it has been lost.

We pray that the house of God would not be forsaken in this town. (Neh. 13:11) Please loose Your kingdom provisions upon every true house of God and every ministry that You have ordained in Maplesville. Remove those who seek their own gain or who are dishonestly withholding Your provision from Your people. We pray that You would remember Your covenant with Your people and have compassion on them because of Your lovingkindness.

May Maplesville be a town established in peace and in the covenant lovingkindness and provision of the Lord. Amen.

Is there a passage the Lord brings to your mind for the town of Maplesville? If so, please share it in the comments.


Seeking God and His Righteousness – Locust Fork, Alabama

Web site http://locustfork.com

Mayor Joseph Hughes

Located in Blount county 28 miles NE of Birmingham

Founded 1817 by the Hamby family

Incorporated January 18, 1977

2010 population 1186

According to the Locust Fork web site, General Andrew Jackson and his troops camped at the fork of the river in 1813. General Jackson carved his name in a Locust tree naming this area Locust Fork.

First settlers came to the area around 1819

I have tried for over a week now to hear what verse to pray out of for the town of Locust Fork, but have not been led anywhere in particular. So let’s just start praying and see where God leads.

Gracious Heavenly Father, we pray for Your mercy and grace to be poured out on Locust Fork. God we pray that Your righteousness would be added to the people of this town, and that You would add to them  every provision they need as they seek first Your kingdom and His righteousness. (Matt. 6:33) May peace reign over the streets and the homes of Locust Fork. May the widow and the orphan have a place to belong there. May justice prevail and those who don’t have a voice be defended at all costs.

We pray for Mayor Hughes to be filled with wisdom and the seven-fold spirits of God as mentioned in Isaiah 11: 2: the Spirit of the LORD, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and strength, the spirit of knowledge of the fear of the LORD.  We pray that Mayor Hughes and all the town’s leadership would delight in the fear of the LORD and pursue righteousness in everything they do. As they do, we pray that You would provide everything they need in their personal lives and in their roles in the city.

We ask that You would bring increase in Locust Fork. Increase Your favor on them; increase righteousness; increase grace and mercy; increase the population; increase civic pride and responsibility; increase revenue so that they can address the needs of the community.

Jesus Christ, we ask that You would lead Your Body in Locust Fork to be the Kingdom agents You have called us to be. Be lifted up through Your Church so that all men would be drawn to You. Let Your Gospel go forth from Locust Fork into all the world. Purify and refine Your Bride; strengthen her and comfort her. Cause her to fix her eyes on You so that the distractions and hindrances of this world would grow strangely dim. Cover her with Your songs of deliverance and clothe her in robes of righteousness. Arm her with divine weapons so that she can shatter the strongholds of the enemy in Locust Fork. May the Church bring You the glory that You alone deserve.

Bless this town, God, and let Your kingdom be made manifest in Locust Fork as it already is in Heaven.  Amen.

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Announcing an Intercessors’ Prayer Summit!

I am so excited to tell you about this fantastic opportunity to connect with others who have a heart to pray and a heart for our city in order to seek God together for our city. On Saturday, November 9 from 9am – noon, Mission Birmingham is hosting an Intercessors’ Prayer Summit at Shades Mountain Independent Church!

Mission Birmingham has been hosting and facilitating prayer summits all over the metro-B’ham area for years now, from the annual Pastors’ Prayer Summit held every November at Shocco Springs, to individual church prayer summits, and even prayer journeys through the city. A prayer summit is not a time of teaching about prayer, or listening to a sermon on prayer. It is Scripture-fed, Spirit-led corporate prayer, facilitated by someone who is sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and who will help guide the participants into united, dynamic prayer.

Dennis Fuqua, executive director of International Renewal Ministries, and author of two books on prayer (“Living Prayer” and “United and Ignited”), will be our facilitator for that morning. His heart for the Lord, his love for people, and his sense of humor make him a wonderful facilitator.

I love prayer summits because of how one can see the Holy Spirit moving through the room. There have been countless times where I was about to pray something, but someone across the room started to pray the exact same thing! I love how it connects everyone at the event. It brings a powerful sense of the unity of the Spirit that I just don’t feel all the time. Prayer summits also connect me to the heart of God as I am stirred by the prayers of those around me. They cause me to think higher thoughts, and pray deeper prayers than I would on my own. My view of God is magnified, and my faith in Him is strengthened. And then there’s the answers we see to corporate prayer. God moves mightily when His people come together for the purpose of seeking Him because He is worthy to be sought, and because we are desperate for Him.

So please join us for our first Intercessors’ Prayer Summit on Saturday, November 9 from 9-12. There is no cost for this event, but we do need you to register so that we can plan for seating and refreshments. Click here to register. Bring your prayer teams, prayer partners, friends….anyone who has a heart to pray and a heart for the metro-Birmingham area!

Leave a comment or fill out the form below to contact me directly via email if you have any questions.