Calera – The Heart of the Heart of Dixie

  • Website –
  • Incorporated in 1887
  • Mayor – Jon Graham
  • Fastest-growing city in Alabama.
  • Population: 11, 620 – quadrupled in 10 years
  • Named for the Spanish word for limestone
  • Home to the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum
  • Home to 2 historical buildings – the Historical Calera Presbyterian Church and The Cowart Drug Store. Both were built in 1885.

Lord God, You are Maker of Heaven and Earth. You are our God, our Creator, our King. We bless Your name, for You alone are worthy of the highest praise. You are holy – set apart, utterly unique, so far beyond us that we would be completely unable to grasp the simplest concept of You apart from You choosing to reveal Yourself to us through Your Creation, Your Word, Your Son, and Your Spirit.

You are also gracious; Psalm 145 says You open Your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing. Father, we ask that You would do that for the people of Calera. We thank You and give You praise for the unprecedented growth their city has experienced so far this century. Thank You for wise leaders and city planners, and for the hard-working employees who have made Calera a city that so many want to call home now. We pray that You would continue to bless their efforts, and that they would acknowledge that is only by Your hand on them and their city that has allowed them to see such success.

Thank You for Mayor Graham and the city council. We humbly ask that You would grant them the Spirit of wisdom as they lead not only their city, but also their homes. We pray that their homes and their families would be blessed by You. Open Your hand, Lord, and satisfy their need for You. We pray this as well for all the citizens of Calera, that You would satisfy their need for You, and that You would cause them to acknowledge that need, and to receive Your provision for that need through Your Son.

As we approach Father’s Day weekend, we also lift up the fathers of those homes. Give them hearts of compassion, wisdom, and courage. Let them be transformed by the love of Christ shed abroad in their own hearts, so that they can love their families well, and be the shepherds of their homes that You have called them to be. We pray that broken relationships between fathers and children would be restored in Your way and Your timing. For the homes and families where the father isn’t present, we pray that they would experience You as their Father, and we thank You that You promise to be a Father to the fatherless, and we thank You that You are the best Father.

We seek You for all these things and more, because we are desperately dependent on You, and You alone are worthy to be sought. Amen.

What is the Lord laying on your heart to pray or share for the city of Calera?

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